Nigella and Me

As with all good ideas...somebody's already thought of them, acted on them and blogged about them.  So I make no pretence to be original here - this is really an indulgence for myself.  I love cooking but am really not very good at it.  Don't get me wrong, I am much better than when I tried to woo my husband and burnt the soup, but John Torode is definitely not head-hunting me.  

So here I will blog about my cooking, which for most of you will be the ideal alternative to Nytol, but really this is a blog just for me and will stop me inflicting pictures of my cupcakes on my facebook friends.

I attribute my love of cooking to Nigella Lawson.  It was she who inspired me.  She, who is not a trained chef, writes with humour and realism and is generally fabulous.  Whenever I have those moments of kitchen panic I think to myself...What would Nigella do?


  1. I love Nigella too ... but she also scares me. Just a "splash" here and a "touch" there. How much is a "splash" or a "touch"?!?! I have no idea. I need numbers dammit!!! And even then there is a high rate of failure. So I just allow myself to get hypnotised by Nigella... but then go out and buy cupcakes from someone who know how many grams is in a "splash". Or check out blogs like yours. Good luck!!

  2. Nigella is fabulous, I don't care what anyone says, I bloody love her!

  3. She is THE Domestic Goddess. All Hail Nigella!